Welcome to my website.

I’m Bianca, a wildlife photographer from Assen, The Netherlands.
Ever since I was a child I’ve been interested in nature. I discovered photography much later, in 2005 when I bread a litter of puppies. For a while the focus was on photographing dogs. When I moved to Assen in 2016, a new world opened for me. There is so much nature in my surroundings. Now you can find me there weekly, if not daily.

I love to travel in combination with wildlfe photography. For a short period of time I guided photography trips and workshops myself. For now, all my free time is spent taking photographs myself. It’s the perfect relaxation next to a nice but mentally demanding job. Occasionally I give a 1 on 1 workshops.

My photos have been awarded, published in magazines and websites. In 2020 I was interviewed by Natuurfotografie. I have been a member of Vereniging Natuurfotografen Friesland

Enjoy your visit!

— Bianca —

What I like to photograph

“For me, always Fur over feathers or anything else”



I have a weakness for mammals. I follow the local mammals as roedeer, rabbit, hare, badger and more by going back to the same places. I immerse myself with the animals and try to capture their behavior. I’m looking for the right place, sit down and wait for that perfect moment.



Butterfly & dragonfly

Because photographing mammals requires a lot of patience and is sometimes frustrating, I photograph butterflies and dragonflies for a change. I really enjoy photographing these insects, especially in the morning light. The insects are not yet flying, making them easier to photograph.


High-key, low key & silhouette

I’m not a very creative photographer, but sometimes I try new things. I really enjoy doing high key and low key. I also photograph during the day with backlight to create silhouettes and I love the power of a good black and white picture. For me the rule “less is more” applies. My strength lies in seeing how to make the right composition.


Amazing Light


I like taking pictures with backlight at sunset & sunrise. For me there is something unique about sunrise, especially when there is fog. This creates the soft pastel colors that I love so much.

And than there is


Snow has something magical for me. I love the cold and the white world. Add an animal to that and I am in my element. This allows me to get totally absorbed in photographing and forget about the cold. The snow creates photo opportunities that are not normally there. Unfortunately, winters in the Netherlands are becoming increasingly mild and snow is becoming rarer. Because of this I like to travel at least once a year to other countries for the snow.


I have been a volunteer at Drents Landschap since 2017 and I have a number of badger dens under my care. The badgers started my love for martens. I think they are beautiful animals. Their nightlife makes them a bit mysterious. By following the badgers I have already had a few unique moments with them. I am also a volunteer for the little owls around my place. A beautiful bird that is having a hard time in the Netherlands.